Terms & Conditions

All classes are booked and paid for online though the website. Please consider your classes carefully before booking. Due to small class numbers, once payment has been made, Wings Aerial Fitness DO NOT offer refunds. We hold your place in the class that you have booked and paid for. We do not offer refunds for a change of mind or non-attendance. Online bookings close one (1) hour before the the class is due to start. Late term enrolments will still be accepted via email or phone if the class is not full, the full-term fee still remains payable. A full refund, transfer to another class or term, or a credit voucher will only be issued if the class or term is cancelled by Wings Aerial Fitness. In some cases of injury, extreme illness or other personal circumstances, if notified Wings Aerial Fitness may issue a transfer to another class or refund, after consideration on a case by case basis and is negotiated preferably in advance of the absence. As there are limited numbers its recommended to book early to avoid disappointment.
Note: if you are unable to book through the website for whatever reason please contact us for assistance.

Please arrive approximately 5-10 minutes early and be prepared to start class at the scheduled time. If you are ill or unable to attend your scheduled class, please consider people that may be on the waiting list and notify us as soon as possible of your inability to attend.

Missed classes do not rollover or transfer to another class or the next term, if you do not attend all your classes they will be forfeited. If you are unable to attend your classes, Wings Aerial Fitness do not allow you to substitute another person in your place. In some circumstances, on a case by case basis and with notification in advance, Wings Aerial Fitness may allow a transfer to another class only if there are vacancies.

All face-to-face classes must have a minimum of 3 students booked in for the term, and Pole Sport & Fitness must have a minimum of 2 students booked in for the term, to proceed. If the minimum number of students is not met the class will be cancelled, if there is an enrolled student/s they will be offered a transfer to another class, term voucher or full refund.

While all reasonable care is taken in the conduct of classes, Wings Aerial Fitness does not accept responsibility for injury or loss caused in or near the classes. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are medically fit for classes and/or check with a health professional if they are not sure, prior to booking classes. Students must notify the instructor of any known injuries/limitations and adjust their level of participation accordingly. Please thoroughly read and understand the waiver, acceptance of risk and release of liability below.

At the beginning of your first class you will be asked to complete a short pre-exercise questionnaire which includes emergency contact information (please refer to our privacy policy). Refer to your health professional if you have any concerns regarding your participation in class. If your medical condition or personal information changes please notify Wings Aerial Fitness and/or your instructor as soon as possible and update your pre-exercise questionnaire. Periodically you may be asked to update your details.

Appropriate behaviour is expected at all times. Classes are aimed to be a safe, welcoming and an inclusive environment for all students of any ability. There is zero tolerance for bullying, intimidation or discriminatory behaviour. Where students must bring other people with them (such as children/family), there must be express consent from all the class members for them to be a spectator. Children must be supervised at all times and can not use equipment or interrupt the class.

Photos/videos taken by Wings Aerial Fitness during classes may be used for the purpose of promotion. All images will always be cleared with the individuals prior to use. If you do not wish your image to be used or have any concerns, please advise your instructor. Students may take pictures/video of class (as long as there is no disruption to class) but must ask other members of the class prior to taking the photo/video and ask class members permission if the images are going online. Any live streamed/online classes are filmed for insurance purposes only.

All choreography learned is the intellectual property of Wings Aerial Fitness and where students choose to perform this, permission must be granted from Wings Aerial Fitness and credit must be given. All resources provided in class (such as handouts) are not for further circulation or to be used by students to teach others without permission.

Every participant must read and understand this 'Waiver, Acceptance of Risk and Release of Liability' before purchasing and participating in the face-to-face or online activities provided by Wings Aerial Fitness. By purchasing this activity provided by Wings Aerial Fitness, it acknowledges and records the agreement between myself the participant, and Wings Aerial Fitness in relation to the activity and my participation in this activity.
I understand and agree to the below as follows:
 *I wish to purchase and participate in the activity provided by Wings Aerial Fitness, which may include face-to-face or online classes.
 *I am over sixteen (16) years of age or I am the guardian of a person under the age of sixteen (16) years of age who wishes to participate in the activity.
 *I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own safety or as guardian, the safety of a person under the age of sixteen (16) years of age.
 *I agree to undertake the activity in accordance with the safety rules and advice that will be given before and during my participation, together with any verbal or other written advice or instructions given during the activity. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the activity and all fees will be forfeited.
 *I acknowledge that by participating in this activity, I am doing so at my own risk, under the s5M of the Civil Liability Act (NSW) the activity can be a dangerous recreational activity and can involve a significant risk of physical harm or death to myself or others surrounding me, as a result of my participation in any exercise program, class or activity. I may also suffer loss or damage to personal possessions and/or property.
 *If participating in face-to-face classes I will complete a pre-exercise questionnaire provided by Wings Aerial Fitness prior to participation in the activity which includes emergency contact information.
 *I understand that Wings Aerial Fitness staff are not medically trained and are not in a position to provide medical advice.
 *If I have a known medical condition that requires an action plan it must be recorded on the pre-exercise questionnaire, I must inform Wings Aerial Fitness and/or my instructor before commencing the activity and I may be asked to provide written clearance from my health professional to continue to participate in the activity.
 *If I have, or suspect I may have any health issues, existing injuries, aches and pains, I must record these on the pre-exercise questionnaire and advise Wings Aerial Fitness and/or my instructor prior to participation in the activity.
 *If I develop any new health issues, feel dizzy or faint, develop any injuries, aches, pains or become pregnant I am to avoid participating in the activity, refer to a health professional prior to continued participation in the activity and if participating in face-to-face classes advise Wings Aerial Fitness.
 *If participating in face-to-face classes where an incident or accident occurs during the activity, details must be reported immediately to Wings Aerial Fitness and/or my instructor and details of the event will be properly recorded.
 *During face-to-face classes if required, I may receive medical treatment including first aid and/or ambulance/paramedic attendance (if appropriate) and agree to meet any associated medical expenses (including ambulance/hospital).
 *I am aware of the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol, mind altering substances, drugs or other substances which may impair my judgment or physical ability or capacity to safely participate in this activity and accept full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with my consumption of alcohol, mind altering substances, drugs or other substances which impairs my judgement, physical ability or capacity to safely participate in the activity.
 *During face-to-face classes if Wings Aerial Fitness and/or my instructor suspects in anyway I am unable to participate safely in this activity I will be asked to not participate in the class.
 *As a participant I must use the appropriate safety equipment, footwear and/or clothing as advised at all times and follow all safety advise that is given within the activity and as advised by my instructor and Wings Aerial Fitness.
 *Online activities may include the hire of equipment. To hire equipment I must have completed a minimum of one (1) face-to-face session of the activity and demonstrated my ability to use the equipment and participate safely prior to purchasing the online activity.
 *If I register and pay for online classes that includes the hire of equipment without completing and returning the 'Wings Aerial Fitness Goods and Equipment Hire Form' to Wings Aerial Fitness, I will be un-enrolled from the course, my payment will be forfeited and I will be ineligible to participate in the online content with my access revoked.
 *I acknowledge that if any equipment is hired, it is unsuitable for children under six (6) years of age and children over six (6) years of age must be supervised at all times.
 *I agree that any equipment hired will only be used by one (1) person at a time.
 *Before I participate in the online classes I must ensure a suitable, level, non-slip floor space is available, with adequate space surrounding and above the area with any potential obstructions in the vicinity removed as advised via written and/or verbal instructions.
 *If an incident occurs during the participation of online classes it is the participants responsibility to seek first aid and/or ambulance/paramedic attendance (if appropriate) and the participants responsibility to meet any associated medical expenses (including ambulance/hospital).

COVID-19 face-to-face class attendance requirements 
Please refer to the FAQ's section of Wings Aerial Fitness website for our operating procedures and conditions for attending face-to-face classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

All clients must follow the current government directives regarding social distancing and Covid-19 management protocols. If a client fails to follow these directives they will be asked to leave the studio and any class fees will be forfeited. 

If you are unwell or have returned from overseas, have been in contact with anyone who has recently travelled interstate/overseas or had contact with anyone who may have been exposed to Covid-19 please contact your doctor, present to a Covid-19 testing clinic and self isolate until you have been notified your test is negative or have fully recovered (if testing positive to Covid-19 a medical certificate will be required before returning to the studio) Please notify Wings Aerial Fitness as soon as possible.

This is to ensure we keep ourselves and anyone at risk (elderly and anyone with any medical issues) healthy and safe.  Thank you.     

By purchasing this service I understand the Terms and Conditions and accept the Waiver, Release of Liability, accept the associated risk to myself, others surrounding me, property or possessions and all the terms and conditions stated above.